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All our products are
Dairy free | Oil free | Sugar free | Gluten free

Vegan cashew cheese and spread in the UAE

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Dairy free | Oil free | Sugar free | Gluten free

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Are your products vegan or plant based?

Yes absolutely! All of our products are vegan / plant based and we use no animal products or derived animal products 

How to store your cheese?

After opening, loosely wrap the remainder cheese in the paper it came in and follow the use by date. Wax or parchment paper can also be used to wrap your cheese, however cling film and plastic should be avoided to allow your cheese to ‘breathe’ Store in the fridge.

How to store your spread?

After opening your spread can be stored in the fridge in the same container, follow the expiry date.

Do your products contain allergens?

Our Nuttino products are free of major allergens such as, peanuts, wheat, milk, soy, corn and gluten.

Do your products contain preservatives?

Our Nuttino products are free of preservatives, we only use natural fresh ingredients, therefore our products may expire sooner than others on the market.

What is the main ingredient of your cheese and spreads?

Our main ingredient is plain cashew nuts, beautiful, raw and unprocessed.

Do your products contain oil?

Our Nuttino products have no added oil. We 100% believe that oil should not be added to foods as nature provides all that we need.

How can I use your products?

For recipe ideas you can visit our recipe page.