Nuttino - vegan cashew cheese and spread in the UAE

Our story

Every adventure starts for a reason. In 2015, after 20 years of being vegetarian, Melissa discovered that she was lactose intolerant and felt terrible after eating dairy.

She wanted to feel the best she could and be full of energy to enjoy life to the fullest. She loved cheese and went on a mission to find a great tasting dairy free cheese in Dubai.

However, all the plant-based cheeses were full of bad ingredients and made her feel sick, so she decided to create a healthy and tasty vegan cheese. Soon, she realized that she could help others too.

That is how nuttino was born. Since then, Melissa has been on a mission to spread happiness one cheese at a time and help others feel good and nurture their bodies.

Melissa and Nuttino's products

Meet the team

Melissa - Nuttino's founder



Passionate about food and health, certified in plant-based nutrition, 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer experience

Marco - Nuttino's Founder



Investor, plant-based, 15 years of consulting with focus on strategy and operations, Founder of Gaia Farms, INSEAD alumnus

Upmanyu - Nuttino's adviser



Venture capital, Investor in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, Founder of Gaia Farms, INSEAD and Lehigh alumnus

Arnab - Nuttino's adviser



Angel Investor, Former Head of M&A at Standard Chartered Bank in MENA region, Investor in Pure Harvest, NYU and IIT alumnus

Vegan cashew truffle cheese

Our mission 

Our mission is to spread happiness one cheese at a time and help people live a better life! Sounds cheesy, but we mean it!

At nuttino, we honor our health and our appetite. We love eating good food, we love feeling healthy and full of energy, and we love sharing with the people we love. We cherish the social connections delicious and healthy food brings to all of us. 

We love to give our amazing customers and friends delicious and healthy plant-based cheeses and spreads to enjoy and share every day. We care and believe that our products are good for everyone.

We respect our planet and make all our products with healthy and sustainable ingredients. We share this beautiful earth and believe that we can all make a difference.

Delicious & nutritious

Dairy free cheese and spread
Oil free cheese and spread
Sugar-free cheese and spread
Gluten-free cheese and spread