Nuttino - vegan cashew cheese and spread in the UAE

Because ingredients matter.

nuttino uses cashew nuts to create delicious cheeses and spreads for everyone to enjoy. All cheeses and spreads are free of dairy, lactose, sugar, oils or additives.

Just creamy, nutty, delicious flavours, rich in essential nutrients and protein. We use a unique fermentation process to create the most delicious nut cheesy goodness.

Nuttino's vegan cheese and butter ingredients

Cheese and fresh fruit platter

Scrambled tofu and truffle cheese

Asparagus paprika chili sandwhich

Avocado paprika chili sandwich

Salad wraps with black pepper cheese

Avocado paprika chili sandwich

Rosemary garlic spread with tortilla chips

Mediterranean style sandwhich with black pepper cheese

Truffle and black sesame seed hor's d overs

Party platter

Italian style panini

Chickpea and bean salad with truffle cheese