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Best cashew nut cheese & spreads in the UAE
Dairy Free | Oil Free | Sugar Free | Gluten Free
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Nuttino vegan cheeses and spreads
Cashew based cheese and spread
Paprika chilli cashew cheese


Food is about enjoying life, nourishing your body, sharing a bite and time with loved ones, friends, family and colleagues. It brings people together. Put simply food is one of the great pleasures in life. Nuttino is a cheese everyone can enjoy! 

Delicious & nutritious

Dairy free cheese and spread
Oil free cheese and spread
Sugar-free cheese and spread
Gluten-free cheese and spread

Because ingredients matter.

nuttino uses cashew nuts to create delicious cheeses and spreads for everyone to enjoy. All cheeses and spreads are free of dairy, lactose, sugar, oils or additives. Just creamy, nutty, delicious flavours, rich in essential nutrients and protein. We use a unique fermentation process to create the most delicious nut cheesy goodness.

Nuttino's vegan cheese and butter ingredients
Cashew based vegan cheese and butter

Everyone loves nuttino

Nuttino cheese is amazing! I hope you know that! My friend says it tastes better than dairy cheese! Thank you for making my life so yummy!

- - Estefa
The truffle flavour tastes just like dairy cheese. Thank you for bringing this deliciousness to the world

- – Anhelo
I just had the cheese omg it was so good even my family who sole heartily love just dairy cheese being a typical european family. They also loved it. It was so filling and delicious honestly so good it made me so happy!

- - Monique
The cheeses were phenomenal, we devoured them. I had the truffle which I absolutely love. But the black pepper was the smoothest and creamiest. You have a great product

- – Pooja
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